The Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland Day 2

After sleeping for 10 hours and breaking our jet lag, we woke up in a guesthouse in downtown Reykjavik (one with free breakfast, of course). After a short 30 minute drive into the Golden Circle, we arrived at our first destination: Þingvellir National Park. This World Heritage Site holds Icelandic historical significance, is the location where the European and North American continental plates meet, and also where scenes from Game of Thrones were shot! We spent a few hours hiking through the gorges, watching the ice blue water cascade down into the valley, and taking lots of pictures of the vast landscape!

IMG_3116 (2)One of the many waterfalls at Þingvellir National Park!

Our next stop in the Golden Circle was at the well-known Geysir. The largest geyser is very unpredictable, and we unfortunately weren’t there when it went off. However we did get to see Strokkur, the next largest geyser, which erupts to 132 ft (40m) in height every 6-10 minutes!

SoJjhduORF_Qg9prDMjQ-8a5_86O8z8lJGwUYKnfhteAfL-fxPApuxv_ZqoN5yuy_PkQEslutTl5ILcEZ0Ri5n8qvvCEL8KnLngBFusEU43u8c4hFHT6xQWflPCjvu-DAD7WwzxuVLsHhyZSv_4e6R-WHD-fSj8xuo5N3NN468la0vSSVfrdhfFXbbWhere Strokkur meets the clouds!

From there we visited Gullfoss Waterfall, named one of the top 10 waterfalls in the world— and for good reason! Cloudy days in Iceland are common, but we lucked out with blue skies and warm weather to watch this waterfall drop 105 feet under a rainbow!

xFpONaqByrm-MUejRm24gBjTCbhLltJCwvYR4qAckdk_g8fxqr5CUagxlK0bffBInJfKLUPesxnRREQIi-5KLxP576_ZKb-WdDsoQd1KKpwkVqVB8Xm-Tyf48iLmIUOGfAoO2njMrURmgwgO46Z0K5pfc4VT8lzZsm6YGLGrmjV4t8_UydkOUcvIYFA beautiful day at this world famous waterfall!

After a long day of exploring we checked into our airbnb, ate pasta (for the second of many days to come), and fell asleep— awaiting the next day of incredible adventures! Stay tuned next Monday for Jacob’s retelling of Day 3 in The Land of Fire and Ice!
God Bless!


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