The Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland Day 3

The neat thing about staying at an Airbnb is that you can usually cook there, shower, do your laundry, and even control the thermostat. Well, I may have gotten a little ambitious with the thermostat, but that is where Day 3 begins!
Waking up in a sauna, we crank open the windows to cool off a bit. After scarfing down some bagels for breakfast (note for future trips: DO NOT buy rosemary bagels), we were off to one of my favorite stops. A quick drive with the coast to our right and mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers to our left brought us to a valley in the mountains.
An amazing geothermal pool presses up against the cliffs at this secret pool. A quick 15 minute hike could get you here when you book with The Agape Co.
Hoping we were at the right place, we began our hike into the mountains, looking to find one of Iceland’s oldest man-made pools. The pool is heated by geothermal water sources to about 86°F— so the water felt incredible! After a few  cannonballs we decided to explore the area and found my new favorite place in the world. The canyon walls rise hundreds of feet above you on either side, the water cascades down off to your left, and the river rushes by on your right. All while birds sweep down over your head. If places like these don’t make you feel God, nothing will.
This truly is a hidden gem, and maybe our favorite place on earth. The water from the falls was so clear we risked a sip while the gorge towered above us.
We eventually made our way back to the car and drove to one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls: Skogafoss! The winds whipped the water back up the waterfall and caught the light just right, making rainbows climb up the falls. After a quick look around the top of the falls, we made our way to the Sólheimasandur DC-3 Plane Wreck. In 1973, an American DC-3 ran out of fuel and crashed on the black sand beaches in southern Iceland. If you’re willing to hike out there, you are welcome to climb over and explore the wreckage. Battling the sand storms on the way back, we helped ourselves to some well earned PB&J’s!
Bring a good rain coat and an extra pair of pants! Another beautiful stop we can help you find at The Agape Co.
A short 10 minute drive led us to our guesthouse for the night, where we showered and took a quick nap. After consuming more pasta for dinner we were off to the famous black sand beaches of Vik! We planned to get there a few hours before the sunset so we could have time to explore before sitting back and enjoying the view. We made our way up the cliffs, into the caves, and up and down the beach before spotting a lighthouse set on the cliffs off to the west. Back in the car and up to the top of the mountain we went, just in time to catch the sunset and a puffin nestled in the cliffs. Then, after a long day, it was back to the guesthouse and into our beds– dreaming of another wonderful day abroad.
A door to another world! Might have been a little warmer in the cave though!
Stay tuned next Monday for Kestra’s retelling of Day 4 in The Land of Fire and Ice!
God Bless!

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