The Land of Fire & Ice: Iceland Day 6

If you’re staying in Iceland for an extended period of time, a road trip around the entire country is completely worth it. However, if you’re only planning on staying for a few days, we recommend you stay in the western and southern parts of the country– there’s more to see and do!

Day 6 consisted of more driving (~8hrs) and less sightseeing than previous days. Northern Iceland is vast, there are few cities, and even fewer natural wonders. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful drive! We started the day thinking we were going to swim in Selárdalslaug Pool, which overlooks the Selá river, but when we got there it wasn’t open.


We continued our journey hoping for a better outcome at our next stop: Rauðanes Point. Raunðanes Point consists of a series of unusual rock formations located right off the cliffs of Northeastern Iceland. It’s a 7km hike from the parking lot, but there is an off-road path that can get you much closer if you have a 4WD vehicle (or believe that your tiny Renault Clio can accomplish anything).


From there we headed to the Arctic Henge, which is the furthest northern part of Icealnd, and is only 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Started in 1996, this monument, though not yet finished, ties Icelanders to their Nordic roots.

The Arctic Henge is about as far north as you can get. Started in 1996, the piece was inspired directly from the eddic poem Völuspá.

From there we headed to the Hraunhafnartangi Lighthouse, which unfortunately could only be seen from afar. The road leading up to it was barred with boulders. Our Renault Clio could do lots of things, but this was where we drew the line. After all, with no phone service or cities for miles, this didn’t seem like the most ideal spot to get our car stuck!

After a long day of driving, we pulled into Húsavík, Iceland’s whale watching capital, checked into our airbnb, and prayed that the next day wouldn’t come with as many roadblocks!

Stay tuned next Monday for Jacob’s retelling of Day 7 in the Land of Fire & Ice.

God Bless!



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