The Land of Fire & Ice: Iceland Day 7

Northern Iceland is as barren and desolate as any place I have ever been. With only a few towns scattered throughout the North, you make sure to enjoy the finer things the towns provide. For Kes and me, that meant walking through downtown Akureyi, exploring the local shops, and most importantly, stopping at Te & Kaffi. Te & Kaffi is a cafe in downtown Akureyi where you can watch the cruise ships pull into the harbor all while enjoying a cookie and some hot cocoa. After our snack stop and a little souvenir shopping we were back in the car to begin our drive further west.
Te & Kaffi is a must stop when visiting Iceland’s northern capital!
A quick trip up through the mountains and then a few skirts around the fjords lead us to our first real stop of the day, Hvitserkur. Hvitserkur is a basalt rock formation about 50 feet tall that is often likened to a dragon drinking from the ocean. During high tide the formation is about 100 meters out to sea, but, if you time the tides correctly you are able to go and walk around Hvitserkur on dry sand. The hike down is a little treacherous so please plan accordingly and be careful!
At The Agape Co. we take the time to make sure you arrive at Hvítserkur when the tides are low, allowing you the chance to truly see this marvel!
Back to the car and off to Seal Beach! Only another 30 minutes away many people fail to stop at Seal Beach. There are actually two great places to spot seals on the coast above Hvammstangi, and if you book with The Agape Co. we’ll be sure to give you directions to both. It was a little chilly so our stop to watch the seals was quicker than we imagined but it afforded us more time for dinner! What was on the menu you ask… yeah we had pasta again.
If you look close (and I mean REALLY close) you can see a whale peeking above the surface of the water by the tip of the peninsula!
To work off some of our post dinner sluggishness Kes and I decided a walk was in order. God blessed us big time. While walking along the coast, watching the sun set over the mountains, Kestra spotted a few humpbacks in the fjord. As quick as we were able we ran along side them and tried to snag a few pictures (we decided some better camera equipment may be in order). We captured what we were able, skipped some stones, and returned home ready for secrets geo-pools and a big push west!
Stay tuned next Monday for Kestra’s retelling of Day 8 in the Land of Fire & Ice.
God Bless!

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