The Land of Fire & Ice: Iceland Day 8

Day 8 was spent in Iceland’s Westfjords, and lots of sight seeing happened from the car! We drove in one fjord and out another until we reached a natural geothermal pool up in the mountains! The roads leading there lacked guardrails and were made of extremely loose grave, making the trip to this pool both slow and scary!


The man-made pool was fed from geothermal waters, but cools off quite a bit on its trip down the pipe from the source to the pool. However, if you follow the pipe up the hill a little ways, you’ll come across the natural pool. Although its not very large or deep, three or four people could sit in it, and it’s extremely warm!

While not the most famous waterfall in Iceland, Dynjandi truly still is breathtaking! What an amazing Creator we have.

After spending the morning relaxing in the warm geothermal waters, we headed to Dynjantifoss, the largest waterfall in Iceland’s Westfjords. The best part? We were the only ones there! It was absolutely crazy to look out over the entire fjord and know that we were the only ones for miles and miles.

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Flateyri is a small coastal town that sits on a peninsula sticking out into a fjord. After arriving to this picturesque town and checking into our hotel for the night, we decided to explore the town. In 1995, an avalanche swept the town in the middle of the night, killing 20. In order to protect the town from future tragedies, Flateyri built an avalanche barrier, which is designed to direct snow to either side of the town. Jacob and I hiked into in and sat inside the barrier, away from the cold wind!

A gorgeous hidden harbor in the Westfjords. Avalanche barriers help to protect this coastline. The mountains truly meet the sea. God is good!

Stay tuned next week to hear about another cool aspect of Flateyri, as Jacob retells Day 9 in Iceland!

God Bless!


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