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Best Portable Wifi for Travelers – And a 10% Discount!

As travels take you further and further, and your phone data grows slower and slower, finding other portable connectivity options becomes more important. Today we’re going to look at our choice for the best portable wifi device. We’ll break down our choice, the pros and cons of our device, why you need portable wifi, and where you can get one! We even managed to squeeze out a 10% discount for you to enjoy the best portable wifi for travelers!

Anyone who’s been lost roaming foreign roads knows the utter fear of traveling without wifi. When we visited Iceland we had to print 34 pages of turn-by-turn directions for a 12 day road trip. It’s a definite downside of having no way to connect to the internet. After Iceland, we made mobile connectivity a priority for both our sanity and our safety on the go. We truly believe we have found the best portable wifi and it’s under $10 a day! So without further ado we give you our review of The World’s Best Portable Wifi for Travelers!

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The Best Portable Wifi – Tep Wireless

Tep Wireless offers users a pocket-sized portable hotspot to stay connected while they travel. We won’t get into to much detail on it’s inner workings but instead of 100 SIM cards for 100 different countries, Tep uses a virtual SIM which can automatically detect, configure, and connect. This means no more having to purchase a new card or device for every country. Instead the little Tep device will do it all for you!

Tep offers seamless connectivity in over 100 countries worldwide. As you travel your Tep device will allow you (and up to 4 others) to browse and use the internet. With a unique name and secure password you can be sure your sessions are safe. All Tep devices include unlimited internet, a 6+ hour battery life, and incredible customer support. Like meet you at the airport to personally hand you your device customer support.

Tep Wireless offers affordable plans for both leisure and business travelers. You can easily rent a device for only $8.95/day, or you can buy one and connect for only $99/month! If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to connect on the go, go through our link here: and use code “THEAGAPECO” for 10% off your order!


The Pros and Cons of Tep Wireless

We strive to be honest in our reviews because we would like our readers to know exactly how we feel about products. We want to illuminate everything we loved about a product and everything that was just a bit off. In turn they can make a well-informed decision on the product. We hope this honest approach will allow us to build an open and trusting relationship with our readers. On that note, we’ll start with the cons of the Tep device.

The Cons of Tep

As with every device you’ve owned there will always be one or two things you would change. Even though it is our pick for the best portable wifi, the Tep device is no different. Tep currently sports a 4.3/5-Star average on just under 6,000 reviews. A common issue we personally noticed, as did several reviewers, was a mediocre connection speed. Sometimes the device was incredibly fast and other times it was just ok. The device never failed to load anything, sometimes we just wished it would load a little quicker. Another common note is that users wished the batter life was longer. The devices are rated for 6 or more hours. Personally, we don’t intend to be browsing the internet our whole day on vacation so this was never an issue for us. Additionally, the device does come with a USB and a wall outlet charger so recharging on the go is pretty easy!

The Pros of Tep

Ok now for the fun part, our favorite parts about Tep. First and foremost, their customer service is world class. I have never had trouble getting on the phone, touching base over email, or even live chatting with them through their site. They are extremely responsive, intelligent, and genuinely care for you as a customer. Another reason we chose Tep as the best portable wifi provider is the seamlessness of the connectivity. They offer several different plans (Global, European, Oceania, etc.) that allow you to easily connect anywhere you roam. Lastly, the device is secure. As personal security online continues to be more important having a device you can connect to that is safe will be more important than ever. Tep makes this easy with a unique SSID and password for every device.

Tep Wireless is easily the best “large” company I’ve ever worked with. They know the importance of keeping their customers happy, and it shows in their easy to use devices and customer service. If you would like to experience Tep’s unmatched quality go through our link here: and use code “THEAGAPECO” for 10% off your order!


Why You Need Tep Wireless

Whether you travel for business or pleasure their will come a time when a trip is more stressful than fun. Whether that’s because of some questionable seafood, a delayed flight, or an inability to load google maps, life on the road will be hard. You can take away some of those hardships by easily and reliably having an internet connection. Instead of the gas station seafood you could find a local joint with a 5-Star rating. Instead of meandering the airport for 6 hours you can stream a few of your favorite movies. Instead of ending up in Denver, Iowa (yes it’s a real place) you can load google maps and make your ski trip to Colorado a reality! These are just a few reasons we believe in and recommend Tep, it simply is the best portable wifi for travelers.

We know you may not be a seafood fan, or maybe you never fly anywhere, or maybe you don’t even use google maps, but there will come a time when you will need a wifi connection and won’t have one. For us it was in Iceland, and Costa Rica, but it won’t happen again! If you would like to relieve some of the stress of traveling go through our link here: and use code “THEAGAPECO” for 10% off your order!


Where to Get the Best Portable Wifi

Well folks, I was hoping we’d made this part clear already! If you want a secure, reliable, affordable way to get online on the go, look no further than Tep Wireless. They are an incredible company, with an incredible product, backed by thousands of happy customers. If you would like to give them a try and save 10% off your order, then go through our link here: and use code “THEAGAPECO”.

There ya have it everyone! We truly believe Tep Wireless is the best portable wifi for travelers. From its unmatched customer service, to its affordable rates, or even its seamless connectivity on the go, we are thrilled to use Tep on our travels. We hope the next time you’re in need you’ll give it a shot!

Be sure to let us know below in the comments what you thought of our review. Have you ever tried a mobile hotspot? Who did you use? Do you have a different opinion? Please remember to subscribe and share our blog on social media with your friends and family, God Bless!

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