It seems the best things in life always manage to scare yet thrill you. They push you past your comfort zone, and force you to take a leap of faith. At Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, that leap just happens to be over a waterfall!

The Spider Monkey Canyon Tour features a series of rappels, zip lines, and dives, as you follow the canyon deep into the jungle. The park sits quietly in the shadows of Arenal Volcano. A conical volcano rising almost 2,700 ft. above the surrounding cloud forest.

As prominent as the volcano is, the gorge running through the park is equally impressive. The earth drops sharply down forming a deep and narrow fissure. Water twists, turns, and topples over every obstacle, forming large waterfalls and gaping ravines. If you book the Spider Monkey Canyon Tour, you’ll be lucky enough to take the same path.

While in Costa Rica, we had the opportunity to work with Mistico Arenal and try their Spider Monkey Canyon tour. This was a sponsored outing, but the sponsorship in no way affects our opinions or subsequent review of the tour.

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What is Mistico Arenal

Mistico Arenal is an eco-tourism and adventure park located near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. Owned and operated by descendants of the original land owners, Landelina Rodríguez Sánchez and Adrian Castillo, the park’s goal is to allow visitors to experience the wild beauty of Costa Rica comfortably and safely.

In the early 2000’s, the park opened its doors to accommodate guests of all dispositions. Its tours are broken into two categories: Adventure and Nature. While each one features plenty of the other, the Nature Tours are great for the faint of heart and the Adventure Tours are perfect for the nut jobs (like us!).

Nature Tours at Mistico

Mistico Arenal’s most impressive tour could very well be the Hanging Bridges. The Hanging Bridges are a series of 15 bridges, 6 of which are suspension bridges, meandering through the cloud forest. Along the 2-mile trail hikers can expect to be completely surrounded by the Costa Rican jungle and wildlife.

As the park has grown, they have consistently expanded their offerings. Guided nature tours now include the Hanging Bridges, Volcano Expedition, Nighttime Wildlife Walks, and Bird Spotting. While these undoubtedly all have their appeal, Mistico also has a wild side.

Adventure Tours at Mistico

Mistico Arenal offers two premiere adventure tours; Paco’s Horses and the Spider Monkey Canyon Tour. Each tour is perfect for adventurers looking to get off the beaten path and truly explore the park. If you don’t mind a little dirt, the Adventure Tours are the way to go.

Paco’s Horses

Paco’s Horses takes riders to the highest peaks and pastures within the park. Above the trees, riders have an unimpeded view of the volcano and Lake Arenal. Riding experience isn’t required so there’s no need to worry about being unprepared. As long as you can hang on you should be ok!

Spider Monkey Canyon Tour

An open-air rappel drops you quickly into the mouth of the canyon. Immediately, another rappel carries you down a waterfall and onto the riverbed below. From there, each and every turn leads to a new adventure. Rappels, zip lines, and leaps into the river are all fair game.

Eventually, you’ll look up to realize you are hundreds of feet below the jungle above and you have no clue as to when you could have descended so far. You’ve managed to scale your way down countless waterfalls, glided between the canyon walls on ziplines, and splashed into the river from the rocky outcroppings above.

For two hours you’ll follow your guides in and through Spider Monkey Canyon. Wild doesn’t even begin to describe the adventure; incredible and beautiful do. Mistico Arenal got it right, the Spider Monkey Canyon Tour is an adventurer’s dream!

Final Thoughts on Mistico Arenal

Our time at Mistico was a highlight of our trip. The guides, tour, and facilities were fantastic and we left thrilled to have visited. If you have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica you should make visiting the park a priority.

From the tranquil Hanging Bridges, to the action-packed Spider Monkey Canyon Tour, Mistico Arenal has an adventure for everyone. No matter the tour, be sure you’re ready for Costa Rica’s Wildest Adventure!

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