You will receive a document containing flight numbers to three possible outbound, inbound, and round-trip flights. These flights will be tailored to meet your specifications (i.e. Direct flights, Shortest time, Least expensive, etc.).  If you require additional flights $10 will be added per flight.



You will receive the aforementioned Flights document, as well as a document containing links to three possible lodgings.  These accommodations will be tailored to meet your specifications (i.e. Type of housing, Location, Least expensive, etc.). If you require additional accommodations $10 will be added per location.



You will receive the aforementioned Flights+Accommodations documents, as well as an itinerary personalized to fit your traveling preferences. This will include 3 recommended excursions per day (with links to book if necessary). For trips requiring over 5 days of excursions $10 will be added per extra day.



Any extra Flights, Accommodations, or Excursions will be accounted for here. Enter the quantity of extras below and proceed with payment.



If you feel our service was exceptional and wish to express your gratitude please enter the dollar amount into the quantity box below. Thank you!