How We Celebrate Christmas – Our Holiday Plans

Christmas is a time to pull close to loved ones and celebrate the relationships you hold dear. Unfortunately, Kestra and I live around 1,283,040 feet apart from each other. That means our Christmas looks a little different than most others. Partially because of the distance and partially because we’re both broke;) We wanted to share our holiday plans with you and keep you up to date on our lives. In return, we’d love to hear what your plans are. Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know!

This is our first year out of college and will be the first time we have to worry about work when making our holiday plans. Last year it was pretty simple, we had three weeks off and we tried to split it as evenly as possible between Wisconsin and Iowa. This year we’re trying to balance our work schedules (and my vacation time), when siblings are home, and how both of our families celebrate. Needless to say, planning for the holidays last year was much easier. If you’re looking to Plan the Perfect Christmas Getaway then check out our previous post!

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 Celebrating in Wisconsin

Currently it looks like we will both work through Friday, December 21st. After work I’ll drive up to Wisconsin to celebrate with Kestra and her family. If it’s anything like last year that means I’ll be eating WAY too much tasty food, playing lots of board games, and spending time with her amazing family. We’ll also make our way to church on Christmas Eve to celebrate the real reason for the holidays. For those of you who don’t know, we are celebrating the best gift anyone has ever received and that is redemption through Christ who just so happened to be born around Christmas!

Kestra’s siblings will be returning from various parts of the country— and world (hi Allie!)— and we are both very excited to see everyone again. I’m sure we will also be treated to some amazing stories and pictures of Allie’s adventures throughout Europe.

Celebrating in Iowa

Christmas morning I (and maybe Kestra) will make my way to Radcliffe, Iowa to celebrate with my extended family. I missed the family Christmas last year and am very excited to be able to go this year.

My siblings will also be returning from various parts of the country. My older sister Sarah will be bringing along the newest addition to our family… her puppy Riley! And my new brother-in-law Tyler will be flying in on the 28th which is kind of cool too, I guess 😉 (If you’re looking to fly over the holidays, be sure to check out our Top 15 Tips to Finding Cheap Flights!) Sarah and my mom will also be having birthdays over the week so there will be much to celebrate!

Skiing in Colorado

Around the New Year, Sarah and Tyler will return home and we will look to make a Ski Trip to Colorado. We always try to make it out for at least a week and last year we were lucky enough to go twice. Kestra also was able to try out the Colorado slopes for the first time and she handled them admirably. We’re a little unsure when and who will all be going but you can be sure I’ll be there!

After crashing down the hills for a week, we will all make our returns to office life. Our holiday plans involve a large amount of time off, all of it will spent recharging until our next adventure. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on whatever it may be… Norway? 🙂

Briefly, those are our plans for the holidays. What are your holiday plans? Will you be traveling? How will you celebrate? Drop us a comment and let us know! God Bless!

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