What You NEED to Know Before You Go Skiing in Colorado

Looking to go skiing in Colorado? We compiled a list of a few things to know before you hit the slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or it’s your first time on the snow, this is a great place to start before planning your next ski trip to Colorado!

Thrill seekers from all around the world come to Colorado for a taste of the good life. With towering mountains, deep snow, and endless ski resorts, there really is a mountain for everyone. Kestra and I try to make a point to ski at least a few days every winter and Colorado never disappoints. So, if you're in the mood for a family-friendly adventure look no further!

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Colorado Ski Resorts

Many ski resorts are cut and dry; you go, you ski, you fall, and you leave. Ski resorts out west are nothing like that! The ski resorts that line the Rocky Mountains are a hive for all kinds of people. Ski bums show for the snow and epic mountains, families come for a quick break from school and work, and locals seem to enjoy the shops and restaurants. It really makes the resort villages feel all the more special.

The villages even host other outdoor activities (ice skating, tubing, snowmobiling, etc.) for anyone to try. Granted, with the proximity to the resort you can expect the prices to inflate accordingly. The nearby towns also offer plenty of family-friendly, and more affordable options, for food, entertainment, and whatever else that may pop up during your stay.

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The Best Parts about Skiing in Colorado

The Location

Most of the resorts are a few hours west of Denver. Only a quick shuttle ride from the airport. Denver Airport is also a hub Southwest hub which means there are some good flight deals. If you're wondering how we always find cheap flights then check out our in depth, exclusive guide! The shuttles also allow you to hop from resort to resort, that way you can explore numerous resorts. Colorado Mountain Express, Peak 1 Express, and Prestige Worldwide Transportation are just a few options that offer online booking prior to your trip. They all seem to be reasonably priced as well. We personally haven't tried them but we'd love to know your thoughts!

The Scenery

Colorado has some of the highest peaks in the Lower-48. When you go skiing in Colorado you are literally riding down those giants, or sliding down depending on your ability level 😉 Regardless of how you get down, the views from the lifts are unparalleled. You are high enough to see over the trees towards the endless stretches of mountains. After you've seen them once you're hooked, but in the best way possible!

The Snow

Most resorts get between 300-350 inches a year, that's almost 30 feet of fluffy white powder! All this snow makes the riding incredible (and the falling tolerable) and a great place for the family to learn. Picture landing in a big pile of cold cotton candy. During the winter months you're almost guaranteed a "powder day" if you stay for more than 3 days. All this snow makes for perfect conditions day after day, enjoy!

The Weather

Yeah you heard right! Don’t be surprised to see temperatures in the 30’s even in the coldest months. The mountains help to trap moisture in valleys bringing up the air temperature significantly. Most days in the mountains are actually warmer than what Kestra and I get here in the Midwest. To combat the early morning nip try packing layers that you can easily shed as the day goes on.

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The Worst Parts about Skiing in Colorado

The Altitude

Mountains galore everywhere! There is definitely more than one way to get high in Colorado, Kestra and I only like the mountains way though. The downside to the elevation is a major lack of air and altitude sickness. Briefly, there is about a third less oxygen at 12,000 feet compared to sea level. Skiing is fairly strenuous so your body is working much harder to carry oxygen. This extra work can lead to some nasty headaches and nausea if you fail to account for it. Good news, the remedy is simple: drink water! Lots of it!

The Crowds

Colorado resorts report around 13 million visits annually, unfortunately, this sometimes means long lines and large crowds. To help avoid this shoot for Mondays-Thursdays as most locals are working or are in school. You might be wondering what happened to Friday, most kids in the area have Fridays off for ski practice. Man does that sound awesome or what? Alternatively, studying the route map just a little before your arrival will help a ton. Knowing your way around the mountain (and the crowds) will make your trip so much more enjoyable.

The Cost

Colorado has some of the best skiing in the world, and my oh my do they charge for it. Most resorts you visit charge upwards of $125 per person per day. As you can imagine, if you're looking for a budget-friendly adventure for a family of five skiing is not the answer. You also need to consider the cost of renting gear when you go, most of the time this is around $40 per person per day. You can help mitigate these prices a few ways. Try booking passes online beforehand, they often have deals and promotions running to cut the prices. Look for group discount rates, most resorts offer discounts to larger groups (think 10+ people). Look into a season pass, at some resorts if you ski 4 or more days your season pass is paid off!

Having to Leave

I won't lie to you... this is definitely a cop-out, but soon enough you'll exactly what I mean! With perfect snow, amazing food, and hundreds of shops to explore, its a miracle anyone ever leaves. If you're looking for a fun family adventure then look no further, skiing in Colorado is a blast and the resort has something for everyone!

What you NEED to Know, Before you Go

Before you go skiing in Colorado remember to: aim for weekdays in the non-holiday season to avoid crowds, try to rally up a group or search online for coupons to cut costs, and drink plenty of water to avoid those annoying headaches. Besides all that just be sure to wear your helmet, and have fun!

If you're considering going skiing in Colorado and still have questions please let us know. Have you ever been or would you ever go skiing? Be sure to let us know in the comments which part of the blog you liked best. Please remember to subscribe and share our blog, God Bless!

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