Touring the Windy City – Why You Should Visit Chicago

Kestra and I are happy to announce a new guest contributor today. He’ll be sharing 5 places everyone should see when they visit Chicago, one of his favorite cities. Robbie Handy hails from Fife in Scotland and has been fascinated by trains since he first saw them trundling over The Forth Bridge — one of the engineering wonders of the world. Apart from trains, transportation and travel, he enjoys writing about arts, culture and politics in English, Scots and Jamaican Patois. Hope you enjoy, and as always, please remember to comment and share. God Bless!

Let’s make this clear – Chicago is a beautiful city. Anyone who is lucky enough to visit Chicago will probably think, ‘I’d love to live here. This is my kinda place.’

If you have family ties elsewhere, that might not be a possibility. Regardless, whether you’re here for a week or a year, there’s enough urban beauty to last you a lifetime.

If you haven’t been able to visit Chicago, then we’ve got a fantastic treat for you. To lure you into vacationing in Chicago, we are going to share our five favorite places in the windy city!

You’ll read, you’ll be tempted and you’ll book a flight to this Midwest metropolis– we guarantee it.

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O’Hare International Airport

Is there anything better than an airport that welcomes you with open arms? We’d say no, mainly because a half-decent airport is such a rare surprise.

O’Hare International Airport is one such hub, and it’s arguably a holiday in itself.

When you drive up to its doors, you’ll be met by valet parking providers like, then, once you’ve made your way through security, it’s time to shop till you drop with the host of retail and restaurants available.

That’s not all: O’Hare Airport goes one step beyond the call of duty with a yoga room, on-site hotel, aeroponic garden, art gallery, and even a health club. This is less like an airport and more like the exclusive member’s club you’ve always dreamed of.

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The Art Institute of Chicago

Founded in 1879, The Art Institute of Chicago is the city’s premier outlet for high culture, including classical paintings, sculpture, literature and much more.

Down every corridor of this labyrinthine building you’ll see awe-inspiring works of art, whether your tastes sway towards American gothic, cubism, or classical.

You could spend weeks here and still not see all it has to offer, such is its magnificent scale.

Willis Tower

In a land of skyscrapers, Willis Tower is monumentally high, stretching over 1,450-feet (that’s 110 stories, fact fans).

Height isn’t all the Willis Tower has to offer. Travel to the top of this looming building and you’ll be gifted with a view that, on a clear day, spans over four states.

Surely not one for vertigo sufferers, but a real treat for everyone else.

Adler Planetarium

For any budding stargazers, the Adler Planetarium is the hottest ticket in all of Chicago. A museum dedicated to astronomy and astrophysics, this fascinating attraction is situated on Northerly Island. You’ll need to commute out of the city center, but it’s well worth the effort.

Buckingham Fountain

If you’re visiting the city on one of its many warm days, a visit to Buckingham Fountain, one of the largest fountains in the world, is guaranteed to cool you down.

Located in the center of Grant Park, this is the ideal way to round off a day spent milling around.

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That’s our list! Can you think of any other great things to do when you visit Chicago? Then let us know in the comments below!

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